I recently had an experience that I am really excited about. Producer/engineer Ryan Andrews led 2 recording sessions in a studio in Miami, tracking both my bassoon and harp parts. I was in Brooklyn, receiving the feed and giving notes while watching and listening through a Skype video conference. The musicians knocked out the parts, and the quality of Ryan’s recordings are fantastic. I think this was a really cool experiment with “outsourcing” the recording process… to utilize technology to allow yourself to be physically removed from the performance but still be a contributing part of the session. I was really into this idea of sending off various parts to musicians I could not have worked with otherwise because of distance. I contacted world-renown sitarist Indro Chaudhury and told him about the idea. He played the parts perfectly, recording in his studio and then sending them off to me. I’m very happy with how this is turning out, and it’s been fun experimenting with the recording process. Only a few instruments left. I’ll keep you updated.