As 2012 comes to a close, we’ve collected some of this year’s best quotes from reviews of “Numbers & Shapes.” Yeah, it’s been an awesome year.

“Each track is a canvas on which Brandt lays out a work of art, each more beautiful and impressive than the last.” – Hypetree

“‘Numbers & Shapes’ is a colorful tapestry of sound collage every bit as epic as much of [Brandt’s] film scores… not for the faint of heart” – The Deli Magazine

“Every original song on this record tells a story… a showcase for their beautiful soundscapes and journey to the ears… The blended forms and creative instrumentation make Rebecca Brandt a stand out composer of many genres.” – Bluebird Reviews

“This record is one that utilizes variety to sound alive.” – In Your Speakers

“Without a doubt one of the finest instrumental records we’ll be hearing this year.” – Plug In, Baby!

“Numbers & Shapes is a constant sequence of unpredictable and ever changing sounds, crafting a truly gorgeous work that ranges from light and upbeat to dark and mysterious, while covering every other emotion in between.” – The Record Stache

” With soaring cinematic soundscapes, delicate piano melodies and percussion that will get under your skin… it is also easy to get lost in the strings, in the soft woodwind, in the vibrant rhythms and in the collective dreaminess that is Numbers & Shapes.” – Alphabet Bands

“With material as charming as the cinematic indie art songs, [Numbers & Shapes is] at turns mathy & motoric and alluring & lush” – Sequenza 21